Utah Code Camp 2015

Posted on Sat 14 March 2015 in tech • Tagged with python, data science

I presented at Utah Code Camp 2015 on machine learning with the Google Prediction API. IPython notebooks are available on GitHub, or they can be viewed directly with the IPython Notebook Viewer here:

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Big Data Utah at StartSLC 2015

Posted on Fri 30 January 2015 in tech • Tagged with python, data science

I presented on machine learning and prediction to the Big Data Utah meetings as part of StartSLC 2015. Check out the the slides!

Utah Data Competition 2014

Posted on Tue 28 October 2014 in tech • Tagged with python, data science

I competed in this year's edition of the Utah Data Competition, a local data science competition. The semiconductor yield prediction problem seemed simple enough on the surface, but it ultimately proved to be quite challenging. I attempted several modeling approaches but eventually converged on two that received most of my …

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Getting IPython rmagic to Work on Windows

Posted on Tue 29 April 2014 in tech • Tagged with python, r

After updating to IPython 2.0, I decided to get rmagic working on a Windows 8.1 install. These instructions should probably work with IPyhon 1.X, too, although I have not tried.

R on Windows

Behind the scenes, rmagic assumes that a working version of R is available on …

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A Quick FFT Example in Python

Posted on Mon 19 November 2012 in tech • Tagged with python

Here's a quick IPython notebook gist about FFTs in Python. Ironically, most tutorials don't describe how to scale and format the FFT output so that sinusoidal amplitudes are correctly displayed. Sometimes that's important. If you don't have IPython installed, the notebook can be viewed using the awesome IPython Notebook Viewer …

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