Irrigation System Performance Measurement on the Cheap

Posted on Sat 26 April 2014 in misc • Tagged with data science

What began as a simple exercise in turning on the irrigation water to the yard culminated in an hour of yak shaving in which I actually measured the performance of my sprinklers. The well-meaning people at my City Hall had sent out an informative flyer earlier in the week with …

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My 15 Seconds of Car Talk Fame

Posted on Sun 03 March 2013 in misc • Tagged with car talk

It was a dark day around our house several months ago when it was announced that no new Car Talk episodes would be recorded. The show has been part of my week for nearly 20 years. Like all great shows that are eventually put out to pasture, we can still …

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We All Better Start Drivin' Prii

Posted on Tue 02 August 2011 in misc • Tagged with car talk

Thanks to this week's Car Talk for this musical gem: "Sure as cactus is cacti and fungus is fungi, we all better start drivin' Prii ...."

Download a short clip: We All Better Start Drivin' Prii

Toyota actually issued a press release, officially proclaiming that the public had selected the plural …

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